How to Wear and What to Wear With Cargo Pants

The military trend usually pays homage to street fashion, and this year it comes in the form of cargo pants. However, with a new and redesigned look, they are considerably more versatile, allowing you to adapt them to any style.



What are Cargo Pants?

Have you ever considered how a traditionally male item of clothing associated with military life may become one of the most fashionable items in a woman's wardrobe? This is what happened with cargo trousers, often known as military pants.

After making their fashion debut in the 1990s, they became a symbol of street style and rap culture. When you think of them, you probably envision these trousers in sporty fabrics, with an elastic band around the ankles, in neutral hues like beige, khaki and black, and with side pockets. But now they're reliving a new spring and adapting to a variety of styles.

Cargo Pants have become more feminine and, above all, versatile: they are available in a variety of colours and materials such as satin, leather and silk, allowing us to create a wide range of new combinations and ensembles.

Which Body Types Can Benefit from Cargo Pants?

Cargo trousers are one of those universally appealing items, thanks to their gentle lines, high waist, and strategically placed side pockets. So, if you've always wanted this outfit but weren't sure if it would fit you, congratulations! You can now experience the versatility and comfort of these trousers.

Remember that there are only a few principles to follow while selecting the best one for your silhouette:

Pockets: Make sure they're strategically placed so they don't draw attention to regions of your body you don't want to accentuate. For example, if you don't want to draw attention to your hips, avoid those with large pockets in that area.

Elastic bands: Tend to make your legs appear shorter, so if you're petite or curvaceous, choose ones with straight legs.

Waist: Similar to regular trousers or denim, the higher the waist, the more your silhouette will be accentuated. Pay attention to the style of waist that best suits your body shape, and consider it when selecting cargo pants.

Proportions: Avoid exaggerating with big goods, especially if you're not particularly tall. If the trousers fit loosely and comfortably, attempt to pair them with a tighter top on the upper half of the body.

How do you Wear and Combine a Cargo Pant?

Cargo trousers are one of those items that usually catches everyone's attention. Furthermore, they're so comfortable that you'll want to wear them every day. But pay attention: styling mistakes are always waiting around the corner, and it's far too simple to wear them in an unflattering manner.

Avoid the "uniform" effect: by not wearing them with combat boots or a blazer with too many pockets.

Keep it simple: cargo pants are a statement piece on their own, so don't go overboard with the rest of the ensemble.

Play with contrasts: cargo pants are a masculine item, so don't be afraid to pair them with more classic and feminine essentials like jackets and high heels!



The Office: Cargo Pants and White Shirt 

If you thought it wasn't possible to wear cargo pants to work, think again! A straightforward and basic outfit suitable for the office. The white shirt will give the outfit a traditional and feminine feel. Don't forget to wear pumps or slingbacks to heighten the female appeal. Whoever said cargo pants couldn't be stylish?

Playful Contrast: Cargo Pants and Blazer

As we previously stated, the ideal approach to wearing cargo pants is to experiment with contrasts. A jacket is great for this purpose. With a pair of cargo pants, you can create an eye-catching outfit. Whether you're going to work or spending the day out, this ensemble will keep you comfortable and toasty on frigid days without sacrificing your style.

Comfy and Trendy: Cargo Pants and Jumper

As the winter months approach, we can prepare by pairing cargo trousers in a neutral shade with a jumper. For a truly trendy look, go with a bright colour like fuchsia. If you throw in some jewellery, you'll get bonus points. This outfit is ideal for everyday use, especially on days when you want to look attractive without dressing up.

Unexpected Pairing: Cargo Pants and Cardigan

Autumn is ideal for styling your cardigans as light pullovers. An unexpected and extremely stylish application, popular among young trendsetters. We recommend a pastel shade, such as this soft pink, to make the look more feminine and fashionable. Finish the ensemble with pointed heels for a very girlie look.

A Delicate Balance Between Cargo Pants and Tops

This look exemplifies the most important rule of cargo pants: play with contrast. You may pair cargo trousers with blouses with feminine characteristics such as puff sleeves, embroidery and other delicate accents. The contrast creates a stylish and striking look that you may wear in your style. Finish off your ensemble with high heels and you're good to go.

Want to try something new this season? Cargo pants for women can be the ideal piece for expanding the possibilities of your autumn wardrobe. Continue to explore your style with Pronk!